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"It's not just about cooking, it's all about preparation, presentation and exquisite taste!"

Meet Chef Jeffery, in grandma's kitchen at the age of 9, Chef Jeffery knew he always wanted to become a chef. At the age of 17 he set out to start his journey. He worked at some of the finest restaurants and hotels. He then excelled his skills in Culinary Arts on some of the popular cruise ships as a Pastry Chef creating over thousand exotic pastries a day. Chef Jeffery serves nothing but the best. His expertise and knowledge in food has made Chef's Art what it is today.​

Each dish prepared is sure to tantalize the eye and tempt the palate. Here at Chef's Art, we use the freshest ingredients delivered from special food vendors around Southern California. From a vast array of soulful and flavorful cuisine to the freshest and natural herbs and spices we at Chef's Art want you to enjoy every bite. Chef Jeffery is all about layering great flavors, using traditional cooking techniques to assure you get true savors in every bite. 

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